About Me

‘Just a little girl trapped in a fort-something-year-old body.  I find myself getting into some of the most awkward predicaments at times…just like a kid.  But, being the ‘finely ripened’ woman I am, I get myself right back out of those messy little situations in life.

And while I cannot consider myself even close to being a ‘social butterfly’ (as most women try to come-across i.e. Facebook, Twitter, chat and the like), I can definitely say I am a strong-willed independent thinker who really doesn’t like too many people.

Why…you ask?  Because, in my opinion, most folks are way too full of themselves and believe most of their own bullshit.  I, on the other hand, am just who I am: nothing ‘fake’ or fluttery about this gal.

That said…I felt compelled to write this blog on the day-to-day BS I encounter, and to ‘out’ the ’Fakes’ in my immediate world.  This blog…is my candid opinion, plain and simple.  I hope you enjoy what I have to say.  Your opinions are always welcome!


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