Heartaches and A Second Chance at Life

Today presented a wake up call/second chance for me.  I was met with the reality of my age and the fact that I really could have heart trouble in my early forties.  As I sat in the ER at Baylor, I could not remember when I’d been so scared.  Maybe back when I was a kid in a lightning storm, or perhaps when I had my first child?  I really can’t recall.  All I know is that I was ever-so grateful that my husband had taken off work to take me to get checked out.

After two nights of chest pains, racing heartbeats, and cold sweats…I was sure I might be on my way ‘out’.  Following calls to several medical clinics to ‘try’ and schedule a visit, I was directed each time to “Go to the emergency room”.  And even though I am as hard-headed as most women come, I had to heed their warnings.  Hubby had a lot to do with making me go too.

One EKG…four tubes of blood, a CT Scan, and more than 4 hours later, I was given a clean bill of health and released to go home and enjoy my second chance at life.  Who ever said you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, must’ve been talking about their health.  Because, today, I was counting my blessings that I have at least one more day to see my beautiful little girl’s smile…to play tea party…to watch cartoons…to run through our neighborhood with her breezing along in her jogging stroller.  I feel truly blessed that I have one more day to wake up to the warmth of my husband; the one who loves me beyond measure.  One more day I have to be me; this forty-something woman who, until today, didn’t think about quite how wonderful my Life…really is.

Blessings to All that your Heart is beating strong and happy tonight!  Peace!

Life!  Isn’t it Grand?


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