The Mast of Peniki II — Reaching High Into The Texas Sky


Nico was finally able to experience his first time at the helm, and now…he’s hooked!  I was very proud to know–according to the Commodore of our club–that my Hubby did quite well guest-skippering his boat.  And, just as I suspected, Nico learned much more by ‘doing’ than either one of us could ever learn by just reading about it.  Still, I plan on reading the Sailing for Dummies book that Cmdre Bill let us borrow.

Does this now qualify Hubby as ‘Captain’?  No…not quite– especially since he wasn’t skippering our boat.  But, that just leaves him something to look forward to when he does step into his ‘Captain’s Shoes’ at the helm of Peniki II.  I’ll happily step out of my flip-flops to be his First Mate.  I can hardly wait!  :  )   


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