When The New Wears Off

It’s always exciting, though sometimes a bit scary, to be the new kid on the block…at school…or in a group.  But after a while, the new just sort of wears off and you’re either left with friends or acqaintances, a few anoyances or unlikely enemies, perhaps a little of both.  If you’re lucky, you’ll find a good group of folks who really do like you; aside from just a few people who really don’t like anyone at all.

Either way, it’s all part of life.  And life, as most of us have come to realize, is more-often a challenge than a down hill slide (a good one).  So…this leads me to why I am writing this in the first place.  Well….I guess, like other bloggers, I hope someone might read this and feel some sense of relief that they aren’t alone when it comes to feeling like a bit of an outcast at times, feeling like ‘high school’ never really ends, and like we’re never going to find that ‘one group of friends’ who truly like us for who we are and not what we have in the way of material things or social status. 

It’s a given: people (followers I refer to as ‘sheeple’) are shallow, they are attracted to pretty…powerful…perfect…strong individuals, or the image of such.  I’ve never been good at faking it; I’m a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of gal.  And…because of this realistic approach to people and life, I’ve often not had too many friends.  Then again, I’ve often been told I’m a bit pouty and often look a bit pissed-off.  In truth, like most people who are new to something, I’m just guarded and scared. 

Honestly, when I ask myself, I get the same answer:  I like most people more often than they deserve being liked.  I give them the benefit of the doubt…so to speak.  In the end, especially when I jump too soon, the truth comes crashing all around me when those so-called friends do me wrong or start flaking all over the place.  They *gasp* discover I am a real person…with real problems, and I don’t have time to kiss their arse…nor do I want to. 

Friends are friends, good…bad…or ugly.  If you bond with someone, chances are, you’ll be friends for a very long time; real friends…no flakes or fakes.  So, you may wonder why I’m writing this little ditty.  Well, I guess I’m feeling a little left out in certain areas of my life.  I feel the new has worn off in certain groups and I miss being new and popular.  It’s great to be greeted with a smile…to be a mystery to folks…new and still interesting.  I’m hoping this is all a phase and it’ll all go back to the way it was before the new wore off:  Hubby and I being embraced by folks in our group.  In fact, we like them all and we miss their smiles.  And that’s the truth!  : P