Sailing Our San Juan 24 — The Maiden Voyage

Yesterday was a day unlike any other–it was the day we sailed our SJ 24 ‘Peniki II’ for the very first time. It’s nearing a year now since we saved her from going to scrap, and it hasn’t been easy getting her ready to sail. But it has certainly been worth it in every way!

You see…? We love our old yacht; she is now part of our family, and we were beyond joy (floating on air) yesterday when a seasoned sailor friend of ours offered to ride along with us to show us the ropes, and even loaned us his motor so we could clear the docks with ease. It was the final installment, I guess one might say, in the many contributions our sailing friends have made…just to help us get the old girl back out sailing again. For all their help, we are forever grateful.

For many…many months, we’ve been itching to get our boat out on the little lake where she is moored, but without a motor (and with our toddler on board) we wanted to play it safe, and so we opted to wait it out until we were able buy our own outboard.

Anyone who has ever owned a boat, especially a sailboat…vintage or new, knows it’s a labor of love that cannot be measured by the dollars one will spend on the restoration, maintenance, and countless other avenues. We are of meager means when it comes to money, so it has been rather slow-going getting our ‘old girl’ out sailing again.

Many of our sailing friends were almost as excited as we were to see our classic SJ #38 cutting through the waves like butter. She’s a fast boat, so we’ve discovered; even with sails that are a bit too small. Lucky for us though, because this boat is so swift that she might’ve gotten away from us under bigger sails.

Needless to say, yesterday is the day we have recorded to be ‘The Day We Began Our Sailing Journey’ on board our ‘bargain-boat-turned-classic’…Peniki II. Our maiden voyage, but-if-only a day trip, was the first of many more to come; of this we are certain.

The memory of sailing into the setting sun at the helm of our San Juan 24 will forever be priceless! We are now counting the days ’til we set sail again; knowing that someday in our near future we’ll be charting our course to deeper waters and places yet unseen.

Never stop Dreaming…


5 thoughts on “Sailing Our San Juan 24 — The Maiden Voyage

  1. We just purchased one, ourselves, and will go under sail tomorrow! We motored around a bit last week, but wanted to get more familiar with the rigging before we hoisted any sails. My 1st mate has little experience, but is of Norwegian ancestry…I’m hoping there is a recessive gene that makes him a natural at this! I hope we both enjoy many years of the journey.

    I was raised sailing in southern California, and it’s been a number of years since we moved to the Seattle area. My father was an old New Englander and so was my mom. Both of them passed in the las six months, and buying this boat is a bit of a homage to the sailing legacy they left me. We are hoping that their spirit will be with us in some way and that they will know we are moving forward…with gratitude.

    God bless you and thank you for the wonderful preamble to our voyage tomorrow!

    A fellow voyager…Paul


    • Hello Paul. : )

      I’m so sorry that I didn’t see your comment sooner — I always enjoy hearing from readers of my words; especially fellow sailors.
      I’m sure by now, you are well underway on your journey? We have been partaking in our own journey since-last I updated my blog. We have relocated to a coastal region, but are still land-locked…since we had to leave our Old Girl behind. : (

      The lake level where she is moored is and has been too low to pull her out, and our finances have also been a hindrance to our bringing her with us. We love our old (rather new to us) sailboat, and we can feel in our hearts that she misses her family too. If only we had a trailer to haul her here, we’d probably be sailing right now. But, it has yet to be. I guess we’ll see how destiny plays out.

      Either way, I pray you and your crew have wonderful weather and fair winds as you chart your course into the unknown. Perhaps we will see you somewhere out there…someday. Blessings and keep in touch? I’d love to know how your journey is going.

      Kindest Regards,



      • Hi
        Looking for help. We just bought a 1981 San Jaun 24 that has sat since 2006. We have done a lot of work and have her back in the water. My problem is trying to figure out the running rigging. The last owner had the boom and sails off and inside. He removed all the rigging from the boom, the traveler track, and back rigging. I am looking for someone to email me a diagram or pictures so I can replace. Rick ( in fla.


      • Hi Rick. I know your problem…believe me! The rigging on our SJ was just the same sort of mystery.
        Have you heard of the yahoo group for San Juan 24 enthusiasts/owners? It is full of great information. I will see what photos I can post on the rigging, but I can tell you that it rather simple once you get it all set up.
        We have a fiddler block/lock on ours, it is a 3 pulley system…from what I can decipher. I am also rather new to sailing, so I’m really not the best sailor to ask. I will send you pics instead. Or at least post some here on my blog for you to see.
        Good luck with your new SJ and the rigging. : ) Fair Winds!!


    • Greetings and may you have wonderfully fair winds on your journey! I loved reading your comment, and very much appreciate you taking the time to write.
      I’m sure by now you’ve already charted your course to bluer waters (Oh, what we wouldn’t give to be sailing away to some uncharted island!). I wish we were right along with you. For us, the journey has been delayed until we can get our old girl out of the shallow waters where she is now, and into open water where we are now. We feel lost without our boat here. We’ve been living on a Gulf Coat island for several months now. We had to other choice but to leave our beloved girl moored back where we left. It hurts my heart to think of her sitting there all alone, without her family. But that another post entirely.
      For now, I will apologize for my delay in reply, and ask that you please keep in touch? I will get back to you as soon as my internet connection allows.
      KIndest Blessings & Fair Winds!


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