Sweet Potato Discovery



So yesterday…I was out digging in the dirt like I so-often do on the pretty days that are warm-ish.  I stopped to look at my sweet potato vines, which weren’t looking so good anymore.  Then and there, I decided to put them in the ground to see if the added space to grow might revive them a bit.

Two upturned potted plants later, I had discovered a load of sweet potato tubers that had grown to significant size, and looked quite appetizing…I might add.  This ‘uncovering of buried treasure’ really made my day!  I was super excited!  But there was still the question of whether or not those lovely bundles were edible.  I had to find out!

After about ten minutes of tap tap tapping away at my laptop to research whether or not my tubers were safe to eat, I found a plethora of information following my Google search.  Indeed, they are edible!  And so…tonight, or maybe tomorrow, I’ll be dining on buried treasure!

Life is a discovery!  Can ya dig it?!  :  )

A Pirate Ship Discovery

Forty Something Parents


Okay…so it’s been right under our feet practically the whole time we’ve been islanders — an adorable ‘fit for a fairy tale’ play park village just a few streets over from our little Caravan abode.  Nico set out one day with Baby in tow, pedaling down the road because we had one restless little toddler and Mom (that would be me) needed some much-needed time to herself.

A while later, here he comes down the road, and I could hear Baby protesting in the distance.  She was obviously not too happy about something.  So…he pulls into the driveway, and that’s when he began to tell me about the great play park discovery.  I guess this is what I get for going ‘straight there and straight back home’ when I’m out and about.  :  /

I guess I just couldn’t see the forest for the trees!  ‘Happens to me a lot. …

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The Beer Bottle Project

DIY Yard Projects — Recycling and Repurposing old beer bottles into glowing yard lights.

Caravan & Travel Trailer Remodeling

It might seem a bit off the wall to some folks, but Nico and I recycle or re-purpose just about everything!  Waste-not want-not is my philosophy!  Either way, it hit me a while back when Nico started drinking Bud Platinum beer, and I noticed the sun shining through the blue bottles.

I can do something with that!  I told myself.  So…my mind went into high gear, as I tried to come up with a new way to use those  bottles.  It wasn’t long after, when we were across town…visiting the lady we buy free-range eggs from, when I noticed she and her husband had edged their flowerbeds with wine bottles.  “Aha….!”  I knew what to do with those ‘blue beauties’ right then and there.  But…I would do that very same thing…with a new twist.

Needless to say, Nico had never been so happy to know that I needed more empties…

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