The Beer Bottle Project

DIY Yard Projects — Recycling and Repurposing old beer bottles into glowing yard lights.

Caravan & Travel Trailer Remodeling

It might seem a bit off the wall to some folks, but Nico and I recycle or re-purpose just about everything!  Waste-not want-not is my philosophy!  Either way, it hit me a while back when Nico started drinking Bud Platinum beer, and I noticed the sun shining through the blue bottles.

I can do something with that!  I told myself.  So…my mind went into high gear, as I tried to come up with a new way to use those  bottles.  It wasn’t long after, when we were across town…visiting the lady we buy free-range eggs from, when I noticed she and her husband had edged their flowerbeds with wine bottles.  “Aha….!”  I knew what to do with those ‘blue beauties’ right then and there.  But…I would do that very same thing…with a new twist.

Needless to say, Nico had never been so happy to know that I needed more empties…

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