Island Colored Caravan

Caravan & Travel Trailer Remodeling

Woo Hoo!  We finally decided on a color for our trim, and have actually gotten it painted.  *check, color decision…check, painting of trim*  We couldn’t be happier with the results!  The primer-white is history, and our vintage caravan is now decked out in Island charm.  No longer is she old and ugly, but is rather charming and vintage…ready for spring bathed in Cozumel (on the trailer exterior), Island Coral (on our front door), and Mermaid Harbor (on the trim): all from Behr paints. 

So now…today, Hubby is working on finishing-out the trim on my kitchen window.  Per my last post– we still haven’t gotten around to the building of my dining nook.  Another day…another dollar!  But I did manage to de-clutter a bit in that area, and Nico did manage to enclose the wheel-well so the insulation is no longer exposed.  It makes for a nice ‘printer perch’…

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