Sailing Off the Coast of Galveston Island

I’m struggling to get around today; sore all over, from sailing off the Coast of Galveston Island…out in Offatts Bayou.  But, I couldn’t be happier for the aches and pains!  You see…?  I love to sail!  I’m not saying I’m really any good at it.  But, one thing’s for sure: if you love something enough, you’ll ‘get good’ at it…because you love it so much.  :  )

That is me in a clam shell.  It had been quite a while (far too long…off the water) since I’d last set sail.  But I have to say, many wonderful things in life are so worth the waiting!  The null and void times of one’s life are what make us appreciate the high times that much more.  Man…!  How I missed the blistered hands, the splash of water — so unexpected…so refreshing — spraying a cool mist from Mother Ocean.  

For me…sailing in the ocean–whether in a bayou or in the deep blue–is so much different than sailing in a lake, where you have a much tighter course.  I love so much about both; though for entirely different reasons.  I loved the competitiveness of racing yesterday; even if we didn’t quite win.  To be honest, we didn’t even come close!  But we didn’t lose either…because we had so much fun!  So now…I’m hooked on the Wednesday night races out on Offatts Bayou, here In Galveston.  

And even though we still miss our boat and sailing friends back in the Fort; I feel so happy to be back under full sail and on the water once again!  For me, sailing is addicting: the more I sail, the more I want to sail; the more I mess up…the more I want to try harder; as much as I realize I am still ‘classified’ a beginner…the more I want to learn…grow…and become a salty dawg of a Sailing-Sister-of-the-Sea!  I can’t imagine any better reason…in all the world, for the aching muscles and calloused hands. 

Fair Winds my Friends!  I pray we find you enjoying your day out on the water here in Galveston.  Maybe we can kick-back a few cold ones, to toast the Island’s beautiful setting sun.  Many Blessings & much .V.. (peace) I send your way! 

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