Glamper Dining Room Cushions Repurposed From Vintage Chenille Spread

Caravan & Travel Trailer Remodeling

It’d been taking up space in my under-seat storage for some time before I thought to repurpose that old chenille bed spread into much-needed seat cushions for my custom built (by Hubby himself) dining booth.  Our retro-vintage island Glamper has really come a long….LONG way since we bought her a little more than a year-and-a-half ago.

Looking back to the day we arrived here on the island, to where we would situate our shabby old trailer, I never could’ve imagined such a gutted-out and dirty…musty old deer lease camper would turn into our beloved Mermaid Mansion; a true Glamping treasure for us full-time caravan dwellers.

As always, I so enjoy showing the BEFORE & AFTER photos of how MM was back in 2013, and how she is today…as of February 2015.  And to think…the very BEST part of making our home on wheels is, she’ll go with us where ever we should land.

And even though we are currently very content…

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