Having an Island Glamper Christmas

D I Y: Making a Driftwood Christmas Tree — An Island Glamper Christmas

Caravan & Travel Trailer Remodeling

D-I-Y — Making a Driftwood Christmas Tree:

I finally got around to gathering up all the driftwood I’ve been collecting for well-over two years now, and built a Christmas tree for our caravan Glamping home.  Up until yesterday, my remnants of Mother Ocean had been mere decoration in my garden beds; though they had been speaking to me for some time…wanting to become more than just pieces of wood washed ashore.  So…I went to work and made it happen.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!  It’s a rare occasion when I feel really proud of myself; such a sense of accomplishment.  But…that’s just the perfectionist in me, always telling me I can do better than just mediocre.

She’s a little’n: my driftwood tree, but couldn’t be more perfect for our tiny home…micro living space of less than 200 square feet.  And because I came away with such a sense of…

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D I Y Pull-out Sofa Sleeper in Glamper RV

Caravan & Travel Trailer Remodeling

Pull Out Sofa Sleeper in Our Glamper Caravan Home — Part I

We’re hoping the third time is a charm, because that’s how many times Hubby has rebuilt this sofa sleeper/daybed in the caravan home we so lovingly refer to as Mermaid Mansion.  Unseen in these photos, there is a window seat on the opposite wall, that doubles as much-needed storage.  With a wooden insert/extension (also not pictured in this post), the bed stretches the width of our tiny home.

Living in less than 200 square feet of space…it’s becoming old hat to discover new and different ways to make the most of our living space, or lack of it.  :  )  And all in all,  I’d say this last sofa sleeper design is the best Nico has designed so far.  I was inspired by ideas I saw on Pinterest; so I showed Hubby…and we engineered our own version.  Now on to the…

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