Free To Be Yourself

One of the lesser known occurrences of-late, or changes to me…the forty something woman, is that I’m letting my hair go — no more hair color (my natural color is shining through, after 20 some-odd years), my bits of gray are coming through ( I love my little gray hairs), and I’m letting  my tangled mess of hair dread naturally.  Living on an island, it hasn’t taken too long.  But, even still, it’s hard to stay patient through the bad hair days (and they are MANY).

I recently joined a web group of fellow dreadies, called; offering anything/everything you need to know about dreading  your hair the natural way (just letting nature take its course).  Being in my menopausal years, I find myself changing each and every day.  I am so far from the girl/young woman I was 20 years ago.  I now see things (myself), from an inward point-of-view.

I felt compelled to share a few photos of my baby dreads, in all their craziness.  May it inspire you to jump off the ‘normal train’ of monotony, and try something new…to enhance your inner beauty, and the real you…you never before knew.