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*Life’s Bittersweet Moments*

So it looks like we’ll soon be on our way; on the road to another path in our lives.  These past few days have been crazy—these past few months have been bittersweet.  It seems we have mixed feelings about leaving this place we’ve been so happy to call home for too-short-a-time.  We’ve met some really good people, made some wonderful new friends; we will miss them…each and every one.  My heart hurts to think we will not see their smiling faces for an unknown length of time…if ever.  Such is life; you have to take the good with the bad; when one door closes…another opens, so on and so forth.

Still, we are excited to venture out to another chapter in this saga we know as ‘our life’.  I look over to see my husband digging through a mound of the stuff we are still stuck with…

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